Replacement page for

It seems like is not available anymore.

๏ปฟ Sumit ๏ปฟ Is there another place to check all stocks that don't have a logo yet and the other things we could do on that page before?

How to get industry info?

I want to help out on filling in the industries for the securities that don't have one listed in

Is there a way I can find the right industry?
Some link I need to visit or so that can help me out?

Performance isn't working when setting it to ALL

I think the Performance graph isn't working when setting it to ALL.

When looking at it, I mostly see red, I even start in red.
But when looking at the Value chart, these are the values for the first 5 days:
- 9112,02
- 9105,46
- 9119,50
- 9118,55
- 12367,23

So I would assume that I start at 0, go in red, go back to green, stay in green, ...

I can't add certain mutual funds

Hiย  Sumit !

I was trying to add the following mutual funds, but Tresor One either couldn't find it at all or couldn't find any quote on the exchanges:
- BE0949073259
- BE6000431112
- DE000DB7URU8
- GB00B933FW56
- LU1143725015